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Every Day's A Holiday

Every Day's a Holiday
What does getting laid off mean to you? Is it a horrible problem, or a wonderful opportunity? The last time it happened to me, I chose to see it as the latter. Rather than sit at home and feel miserable and rejected and worry about where my next meal was coming from, I chose to see it as an "extended vacation," during which I didn't have to define who I was by my job title, and during which I could do pretty much anything I wanted to. I was much happier that way. I wasn't "unemployed;" I had just found the place in my heart and mind in which every day is a holiday.
Going Coastal
Have you noticed how much higher people's average stress level seems to have gotten in recent years? Folks often don't give one another the benefit of the doubt anymore. People turn arguments into gunfights, cut each other off in traffic, and "go postal" at the slightest provocation. I'd much rather "go coastal," especially if by doing so, I can unwind another human being even a little bit. For me, it's part of making the world a nicer place to hang out in.
Clueless in Key Largo
Sometimes relationships end suddenly, and you've got no idea why. So you get behind the wheel and drive aimlessly, trying to get away from the pain, trying to make sense of it all. Next thing you know, you're waking up in a strange hotel with a hangover. But maybe that's not such a bad thing after all. Yes, the boat used in the movie African Queen is docked in Key Largo harbor.
Mental Health Day
Who hasn't had days when the sun was shining and the beach beckoned, but you had to go to work? Who hasn't felt the temptation to just "call in healthy" instead? I think we need to do it more often. "Mental health days" are my favorite kind of workday, and when you call in, tell your boss I said it'll make you a more valuable and productive employee in the long run.
Rainy Day in Paradise
What happens when you get to your long-awaited vacation place...alone? After planning it to be a wonderful time with someone special? And to make matters worse, it's *raining*! At a moment like this, do you stay miserable because someone has left and the sun has gone away...or do you notice the beauty around you, find the bits that are still wonderful, and make the best of it?
Cabana Boy 
Sunny Jim White is one of my favorite Trop Rock artists, and this is one of my favorite Sunny Jim songs. I like it because it appeals to the "hopeful romantic" in me - I really do want to treat someone this way, at some point in my life. It's a fan favorite in concert, particularly among my female fans. I wish I'd heard it about a year before I first did. Ah well; we move forward.
Sunshine in the Rain
Sometimes, being around the person who is *always* cheerful can be a royal pain. Other times, when things look dark and it's almost impossible to believe in yourself, having someone around who will believe in you no matter what can change your life.
I Need a Weekend (to Recover From My Weekend)
Monday morning, after a long, festive weekend. You don't know where the time went, but you *sure* don't want to go to work. You want another weekend, right then, so you can recover from that first weekend. Brother or sister, I feel your pain.
Raspberry Rum
Who doesn't like a mellow, happy day off playing hooky somewhere with a special someone? I fell madly in like with Cruzan Raspberry Rum one October afternoon while partying with a bunch of Las Vegas Parrotheads, and decided to memorialize it as part of a love song.
I Don't Care (if the Plane Don't Come)
Once in a while, you get to go on a vacation that's so good that you don't want it to end. I mean, what do you have to go back to? Work? Traffic? The plane can wait - I'm staying right here, where it's warm and beautiful, thank you very much.
What It Is
I've obviously needed to do some healing in recent years, because this theme of finding a good place on the Earth - in this case, someplace tropical - and letting it heal you is one of the themes that runs through several songs on this album, and again here in a more wistful, stripped down way. The title came from something I read once, that has been a comfort to me more than once: "What is, is."
Southern Cross 
In some ways, this song has been intimately tied to my life for about half a dozen years. I like it and feel it for more reasons than I can fit into a small description. It lets me express some thoughts and emotions that have resonated fairly strongly for me, here and there in recent years.