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Of All the Rum Joints...
© 2012 Loren Davidson


Green Flash
Somewhere Someday
Voodoo Lounge
Tropical Therapy
Way Out
Pontiac Motel
Looking at You
Fly Away
Living Key West
Sunshine on my Shoulders
Moonlight Drive
Island Moonlight
One More Rum

About The Album:

Of All the Rum Joints, Loren's fifth album, is a musical journey to new places, new adventures, and new escapes. From the magic of a tropical sunset to the mystery of a smoky lounge at the crossroads, from the joy of love rekindled in island moonlight to a "Casablanca" moment in an island bar, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

“You have leapt forward as a songwriter! I really love this cd, especially Voodoo Lounge, Pontiac Motel, and Green Flash. The rhyme patterns in Somewhere, Someday are really cool. Great work!” – Dianne W

"...will make for some fine road music to get me through the coming winter.” -Bob W.

“Good mellow Captain Morgan sipping music. I like!” – Geo M

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Island Standard Time
© 2010 Loren Davidson


By the Pool
Margarita Monday
Worst Day Sailing
Friend You Just Met
Island Dreaming
Beach Front Day
Pirate Vacation
Island Standard Time
Beach Bum Attack

About The Album:

Island Standard Time, Loren's fourth album, was released in 2010 and contains ten original songs about enjoying life in a laid-back way no matter where you are. These songs about work, life, Mondays, sailing, and love are about who we are and the fun we'd like to have, because it's always more fun when living life on "Island Standard Time."

"I'm really digging this album." DJ Jeff Allen, BeachFront Radio

"Every song on the new CD immediately transports you to a scenario that is played out in your daydreams and memories of time spent with good friends, in happy tropical places, with your favorite boat drink...I proudly salute Loren's new CD and give it 5 out of 5 coconuts!" Vicki Shivers, Jimmy Buffett columnist,

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Every Day's a Holiday
© 2008 Loren Davidson
Every Day's a Holiday
Going Coastal
Clueless in Key Largo
Mental Health Day
Rainy Day in Paradise
Cabana Boy
Sunshine in the Rain
I Need a Weekend
Raspberry Rum
I Don't Care (if the Plane Don't Come)
What It Is
Southern Cross
About The Album:

We've all got our challenges, every day of our lives. If you've ever been through breakups, been stuck in traffic, faced Dilbertisms at work, or just gotten frustrated at the person in the express lane with 16 items at the supermarket, you might understand. Something that helps me to deal with the challenges is to remember the beautiful places and people, to remember that Going Coastal beats "going postal," to take the occasional Mental Health Day, to spend time around people who like seeing the Sunshine in the Rain, enjoy a little Raspberry Rum with friends, and most important of all, to create the state of mind where Every Day's a Holiday.

Featuring special guest performances by former "Coral Reefer" TC Mitchell and the expert pan playing of Tom Miller, this "trop rock" album will help you escape from whatever's ailing you.

Reviews: RadioIndy | Songsalive

"I played it this morning and then I REALLY didn't want to go to work!" Mary Anne, Berkeley CA

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Tropical Troubadour
© 2005 Loren Davidson
Key West Habit
Can I Give it Up Yet
Little Parasol
Hopeful Romantic
Angel in the Morning/Devil at Night
Wednesday Night Regatta
White Trash Opera
Jolly Mon Sing
Two Hour Boyfriend
Sunsets on the Road
About The Album:

Tropical Troubadour represents a shift in focus for me, as I've grown and matured as an artist. The songs chronicle moments in my life, some of the places and people I've known, but more importantly, the songs on this CD are about learning how to see the world from a "paradise state of mind" -- finding the joy, the humor, and the insights in daily life, because when you learn to laugh at the world, it can't really hurt you or stress you out.

"Let me make it a point to say that I am a REAL tropical music critic. 99 percent of the CDs that I get sent, I do not like...with that said...I REALLY, REALLY LIKED THIS ONE! Great album!" - Paul Leslie, Tropical Pleasures Magazine

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Songs From My Heart
© 2002 Loren Davidson
Hearts Beat
Healing Arms
Missing the Best of a Bad Situation
Flute Player
Great Homebrewing Disaster
Rise and Fall
By the Bay
Sorry About Last Night
Chicago Skyline
Slowly Roll By
Real As It Seems
Lady of the Sea
About The Album:

"The CD is filled with original and interesting songs." - Lori Blaauw, California, USA

"I've always been a Dan Fogelberg fan - love his 'storytelling'. Your music makes me think of him!" - Pat Kaley, Pennsylvania, USA

"Through songs ranging from loves lost, regret, funny life experiences and a fantasy tale of the sea, he reflects our hopes, our frailties and our triumphs." - Pamela Wagner, Ontario, Canada