a Paradise State of Mind!

Songs From My Heart

Hearts Beat
A story of semi-required love, urgent yet lyrical.
Healing Arms
This ballad was written from the point of view that sometimes the way to "fix" someone is to love them a whole lot.
Missing the Best of a Bad Situation
A friend was telling me about how she got together with her husband. At one point during their first few months, he got a call from his abusive ex, went to see her, and didn't show up again until the next morning. She wondered out loud how he could have done that, and my response was this song's title.
Flute Player
One evening while in college, I was serenaded by one of my dear friends, who played her flute for me outside my dorm window. It's a great way to start a song.
Great Homebrewing Disaster
This is an honest-to-Goddess true story; I swear it. Nobody can make stuff like this up. Homebrewing is not just a hobby; it's an adventure.
Rise and Fall
My intention, the day this song grabbed me by the throat, was to write something gentle and laid-back, Buffett-style, about someone sitting on a beach in Fiji, sipping on a parasol drink and watching space station Mir reenter atmosphere in flaming chunks. What came out was haunting, mystical...and a whole lot better.
By the Bay
I grew up with the music of Pete Seeger, who wrote many songs celebrating the Hudson River area in upstate New York. This song pays tribute to that genre, with the beautiful San Francisco Bay as the subject.
Sorry About Last Night
On the morning after a night before, sometimes apologies are required. There's almost a Jim Croce feel to this song.
Chicago Skyline
Have you ever had the sense that you were watching a train wreck in slow motion and could do nothing to stop it? A ballad of love about to be lost.
Slowly Roll By
This song has a strong Jimmy Buffett feel. I used to work in a building that overlooked the Emeryville train station, and each day I watched the California Zephyr leave for Chicago, and wished that on my own trip to Chicago I could have taken the extra couple of days.
Real As It Seems
Lively, celebratory, a song of fresh love and lust in all its juicy glory.
Lady of the Sea
This lyrical ballad tells the story of a man, a mermaid, and their meeting by the sea.