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Loren Davidson calls himself an “escape artist.” Having learned that life looks better when viewed through a glass of something tall and cold on a warm beach, Loren creates musical art that inspires and encourages others to escape from whatever is bringing stress into their daily lives and to play a bit more. It’s music with tropical attitude, a virtual vacation to Key West and other points south, warm, and relaxing.

Loren writes from the perspective that no matter where you are, no matter what’s going on, and no matter what day it is, when you adopt a “tropical attitude,” you can always make believe that you’re in a place that relaxes you and that it’s always 5:00, at least in your own mind.

A Loren Davidson concert is like taking a mini-vacation at a moment’s notice. No need to make reservations or go through metal detectors; just walk in, sit down, and be transported to the Paradise in your own mind. It’s like therapy, only cheaper and lots more fun. Loren will help you make lemonade out of your lemons and margaritas out of your limes.

Loren’s fifth album, Of All the Rum Joints, was released in 2012 to good sales and reviews. Loren’s fourth album, Island Standard Time, was released in 2010 and placed on several “best of” lists in 2010 and 2011.

Loren lives, works, and plays in southwest Florida just a short drive from the Keys, and has played house concerts and other venues from California to Key West.

For further information or bookings:

Loren Davidson

7309 Spinnaker Blvd.

Englewood FL 34224



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