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“Winter” in Florida

We’re experiencing some cooler air in FL right now, as we do at this time of year. And as usual, we’re also experiencing complaints from people whose breath becomes visible when the temperature dips below 75, and the very loud lack of sympathy from people who live in places that don’t see the ground from November to May.

I grew up in VT and upstate NY. I’ve watched snow fall. I’ve played in it, and built my share of snow forts. (Sadly, I grew up before Calvin & Hobbes, so I’ve never had the opportunity to make Calvinesque snow monsters. Perhaps my childhood would have been more enjoyable if I had.) I’ve shoveled plenty of it. And I’ve done way too much driving in it. Loren knows snow. Loren is fine with snow staying way to the north. Loren will watch snow on TV and on Facebook. 🙂

My main mood and attitude right now, as the heat kicks in for the first time since March or so, is one of gratitude.

I’m grateful for a comfortable house in which the heat works as well as the air conditioning. And I’m grateful that I can afford to operate said heat and A/C.

I’m grateful for those days on which I can go for a walk without arriving back at the house sauteed in sweat and on the edge of heat exhaustion.

I’m grateful that the cooler weather is knocking back some of the red tide organisms that have been killing so much wildlife and making so many people sick here this year.

And I’m grateful for the opportunity to wear a few things out of my closet that spend most of the year gathering dust, because, Florida weather.

There’s always something to be grateful for.

Have an awesome day! Me, I think I may put on my duster and go for a walk. 🙂

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