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I Only Have Ice For You

Image of ice spheres including mold and drink usage

Ice spheres for your drink

A friend of mine, bartender Lauren at Forbidden Island, just posted a link to this article on the history of ice harvesting and ice-making in the US. It makes for very interesting reading.

I particularly like the way they describe those crescent-shaped icemaker cubes as “shitty hotel ice,” and then talk about how the search for a better ice cube, that won’t water down your drink.

Apparently the larger the cube the better, and the *good* machines will keep the water in motion, so that air bubbles don’t get trapped in the ice, clouding it.

Interesting Ice Cubes

Technology these days gives us the capacity to make ice “cubes” in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For example:

What’s your favorite ice shape?



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