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Meet The Phlockers – Rock The Phlock

Meet The Phlockers – Rock the Phlock

Parrot Island Band- Meet the Phlockers theme,
Gregory B- Zihuatanejo,
John Friday- Rita’s Going Wild,
Loren Davidson- Every Day’s a Holiday,
Gary Snead/B2B- That’s a Few Things,
Hugo Duarte- Mama’s Taste of Country Buffet,
Ron Bertrand- Tequila Tonight, Tomorrow We Ride,
Jake & the Half Conched Band – Life on the Gulf,
Young Rebel Goombas- Daydream Smile,
David Hope- Shagging In Dixieland,
Brent Burns- I Married My Stalker,
A1A- Beachwrecked,
Coconut Dave – Pirates of the Northern Caribbean,
Gary Philips- Tropical Island Dreaming,
Scotty Lee aka Six String- Down In the Islands,
Tiki Thom – Bikini’s & Martini’s,
B2B – Sandbar,
Sunny Jim w/John Frinzi- Sandbar Serenade (live)


Price: $10.00
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