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Of All the Rum Joints…

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Loren’s 2012 album, Of All the Rum Joints, y takes you to the heart of Loren’s Cafe Tropicale, just down the beach from that other margarita joint. Loren explores some new musical places this time, including a couple of flavors of the blues, putting the “rock” into “trop rock,” and a song that has no bars, beaches, or booze in it. Once again produced by Kevin Johnston, who produced Loren’s previous album, Island Standard Time.


Green Flash
Somewhere Someday
Voodoo Lounge
Tropical Therapy
Way Out
Pontiac Motel
Looking At You
Fly Away
Living Key West
Sunshine on my Shoulders
Moonlight Drive
Island Moonlight
One More Rum

“The newest album from Loren Davidson, Of All the Rum Joints, takes into account Davidson’s role as a self-proclaimed “Escape Artist”.  “Escape Artist” is a reference to Davidson’s ability to transfer the listener to places far, far away that will make you forget about your worries…at least for a little while.  Each of the tracks on Of All the Rum Joints transports you to somewhere a lot more fun and relaxing.” – Matheson Kamin

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Price: $10.00
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