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When No News is Good News

Are you tired of reading all the depressing stuff in the daily news? I get that way sometimes. I’ve gotten better at skipping over the absurdities and the depressing bits, but it’s often hard to ignore things. Especially in the comments sections, in which everyone feels entitled to their own facts, rips other people just because they *can*, behind that mask of anonymity, and so forth.

I’m starting to collect Websites that I can go to when I want to distract myself, but don’t want to depress myself. So far I’ve been focused mostly on humor, but am starting to do more with travel and nature. Here are some of the sites that help brighten my day:

  • Not Always Right: Weird customer service stories. Some of them are a bit on the “ohmighod, people are *that* dumb?” side, but a lot of them are out and out hilarious.
  • Texts From Last Night: Things people say when they’re drunk, hooking up, skipping class, and other odd things. Oh, the humanity! Warning – much of it is NSFW and in truly questionable taste. To me, that’s part of what makes it funny. Others might have a different opinion.
  • Farallones Webcam: There’s a marine life sanctuary on a few islands off the coast of northern California. This is a nice place to just watch Nature for a while.
  • Private Islands Online (for rent or sale): Ever want to live on your own island? Here are some places you can escape to, without leaving your chair. Ignore the price tags.
  • Windjammer Cruises: Want to sail away? Here is a fun site that offers vacations for that. Check out the photo galleries as a bit of an escape.

What are your favorite “escape” sites?

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  1. Jon Miner says:

    Damn You Autocorrect is a favorite of mine and Maureen’s when we’re dragged down..